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Best picture settings for ASUS VG278HV 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Optimal image setting for ASUS VG278HV: I was looking for a profile with which I can play, watch videos and surf the Internet without ever changing the profile. The colors, black-values and reaction times have become very good, only the yellow in the desktop (not in games and videos) is a little too bright. I connected the monitor via DVI.

  • Splendid: Game Mode
  • Color:
    • Brightness: 100
    • Contrast: 62
    • Saturation: 38
    • Color Temp.: User Mode
      • R: 90
      • G: 89
      • B: 90
    • Skin Tone: Natural
    • Smart View: OFF
  • Image:
    • Sharpness: 50
    • Trace Free: 80
    • ASCR: ON
  • System Setup:
    • ECO Mode: OFF


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