Best Picture Settings for Philips 55PFK6549 6000 series Full HD-LED-Television

Optimal picture setting Philips 6000 Series: I used a visual test software and my Computer Monitor with IPS-Panel as comparison, it has the best color display. I used some overdrive for the colors to made them better. It’s a good setting for TV, HD-Movies, Games and of course for perfect 3D experience.

Here are the setting under TV-Settings -> Picture:

  • Picturesetting: Movie (Entry can be selected freely and can be individually assigned to each connection)
  • Color: 55 (Enhanced with Color Enhancement)
  • Contrast: 93
  • Sharpness: 1 (More acts unnatural)
  • Extended
    • Activity Mode: TV (Take ‘game‘ for faster response time when a game console or computer is connected)
    • Color
      • Color Enhancement: Minimum (This makes it appear more vivid)
      • Color Temperature: Normal
    • Contrast
      • Contrastmod: Off (On makes nothing better)
      • Dyn. Contrast: Off (On makes nothing better)
      • Brightness: 65
      • Videocontrast: 97
      • Light sensor: Off
      • Gamma: 1 (To get closer to the IPS-Panel)
    • Sharpness
      • Super Resolution: On (Best effect)
      • Noise reduction.: Off (Why? I have a good qualitiy video source)
      • MPEG-Artifact reduction: Off (Why? I have a good qualitiy video source)
    • Movement
      • HD Natrual Motion: Maximum (Best animation and movement experience)
  • 3D
    • 3D-Effect (only shown when 3D active): more

Note: The power consumption of my television has increased from 50 watts to 140 watts.

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