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Install Teamspeak 3 Server on Debian Linux with Runlevel Script

At frist create with root a new account called teamspeak: Then create a directory called /opt/teamspeak for the teamspeak server and adjust the rights: You change to the account teamspeak and go in the just created directory. With a Browser you can get on the download link for wget. Don’t use the link listed […]

Automatically load the Linux Subversion (svnserve) daemon at boot time

That the Subversion server on Linux is also loaded with a restart, you have to write your own script: The path “/path/to/repos” tweak accordingly.. Set the correct user and group by “–chuid svn:subversion” which have full access rights to the path. Save the file as “subversion” in “/etc/init.d/” and adjust with # chmod 0755 /etc/init.d/subversion […]

Set up Subversion in Linux with encryption and access rights

Install Subversion: # apt-get install subversion Then set up a root directory for repositories: # mkdir /svn/ Add group “subversion”: # addgroup subversion Add User “svn”: # adduser svn Add user “svn” to group “subversion”: # adduser svn subversion Set permissions: # chown -R svn:subversion /svn/ Login “svn”: # su svn Create a Repository: # […]