hood.de – A very good german eBay Alternative

For some time I adore hood.de a german selling platform. The platform provides the opportunity to sell USK 18 games legally and has a sales commission for private sellers of 0% on the sale! (As of 09/23/15)


  • USK 18 or PEGI import games possible as Buy or Sale
  • Easy handling
  • 0% sales commission
  • 0 Euro posting fee
  • Low fees for extras (more than 1 picture, bold, etc.)
  • Clear presentation
  • Easy to format text on your own items


  • Low Number of visitors
  • Lasts longer than in eBay to sell something
  • Little interesting (and sometimes too expensive) Offers
  • Poor google connection (My article not dive into Google for days)
  • Minor selection on items
  • Small number of sellers

For me, the name is also hood.de poorly chosen, have him constantly forget. The name comes from Robin Hood, but it’s hard for me to connect to an auction house where it (for sellers) goes to produce profit.

The only way the negative points is get rid of the hood.de is finally perceived as a very good eBay alternative. Therefore also this blog entry. Utilizes hood.de!

Link to my hood.de Account: http://hood.de/gesamt-sortiment/469753251/rexand75.htm

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