Howto: Cisco flash file is missing, recovery, 87x router

You will need the appropriate Cisco image file (bin).
If you have not this, you have to download the image file from another Cisco router 87x.
Made is a TFTP server and as Putty for console:

If you do not need to reset the device from which the image file is to be taken, please go to step 4.
If you already have the file, please go to step 5.

1. Reset Button and hold and switch on the router until the recovery procedure starts. (To load the default settings)

2. At the prompt, enter the following:

erase startup-config (To delete an existing Config)
reload (reboot)
confirm (to confirm reboot)
no (Save new configuration? No.)

3. After restarting the network must be configured:

interface Vlan1 (Not FastEthernet0, because it is a switch)
ip address (specify desired IP address of the router)
no shutdown
ip route (gateway set)
copy running-config startup-config (save existing configuration)

4. Upload the boot image:

show flash: (remember the .bin file)
copy flash: tftp: (Upload file on the tftp, the data are queried)

5. Connect the other router, wait until the rommon prompt comes and boot from tftp:

rommon 0 > IP_ADDRESS= (New IP address of the router)
rommon 1 > IP_SUBNET_MASK= (Netmask)
rommon 2 > DEFAULT_GATEWAY= (Gateway)
rommon 3 > TFTP_SERVER= (IP of the computer on which the TFTP server is running)
rommon 4 > TFTP_FILE=c870-adventerprisek9-mz.124-6.T10.bin (image file)
rommon 5 > tftpdnld (from tftp server to boot)
rommon 6 > i (After downloading the restart)

6. The image is automatically copied in the flash: ant at the next reboot it is loaded .


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