It is a pure OnlineShop software, which I started to program in the middle of 2009 and finished the first running version by the end of 2012. It was my first PHP and mySQL project to learn the language and syntax. At the end of 2014, I closed this project to focus on a own created content management system where I want to integrate an online shop.


Unlimited number of categories, subcategories and articles


Unlimited Product Images

Comfortable editor with Images / File Upload

Cash by bank transfer, cash on delivery or on collection

Cloneable products

Specification of attributes

Inventory management

Questions about articles

Shipping by weight, flat-rate or free

Articles highlighting

Tax can be switched off in accordance with § 19 (1) UStG

Customer management


Saving Documents

E-mails editable

Edit online content

Invoices and parcel Print

Article linkable

File attachment in e-mails


At a certain purchase price Free Shipping

Discount from certain order amount

Payment by Paypal, instant online bank transfer or credit card

Order of items or categories influenced

Information on ship date and tracking number

Save as many items descriptions

Instead article also pages should be includable

Statistical analysis

Multi-language support (Prepared)

Online Documentation

Layout changes online without any programming knowledge


The Frontpage of the Online Shop

  • Verschiedene Layout Möglichkeiten

The Administration of the Shop

  • Übersicht der Aufträge und Rechnungen



  • This software is free of charge
  • You only pay for the web hosting

About the provider:

  • I am a private person
  • I close all liability
  • I close, any claims for damages from my software product


  • With the download and installation, you acknowledge that me is against any liability or claim for damages.
  • Whatever damage, unless it is grossly negligent behavior on my part.
  • use the Shop at your own risk. You need to check yourself the function in the outset.
  • I have programmed the shop in good faith and run various tests. However, the shop is so comprehensive that I can not guarantee error-free execution at this point.

Further regulations:

  • The Software may not be redistributed. The distribution is only on this website.
  • The Software may not be modified and then sold at the same time under a different name.
  • Please make requests for distribution and modification under post@shoprex.org, thank you.


Version 0.987 – 11/08/2014:

  • Fix: Picture Upload in the Admin Panel.

Version 0.986 – 09/15/2014:

  • Fix: In special cases the cart was empty.

Version 0.985 – 09/08/2014:

  • Fixed order button in Firefox
  • Some status E-mails now reach customers again
  • In Installer package:
  • Incorrect table name for e-mail attachments
  • Missing table column ‘invoice_counter’ for bills in the Admin area
  • Missing table ‘customers’
  • 4 missing language constants

Version 0.984 – 06/13/2014:

  • By a bug could not add e-mail attachments

Version 0.983 – 04/01/2014:

  • Eliminated Greater Newsletter bug that emails the customers are now correctly displayed
  • In the e-mails you can append files

Version 0.982 – 10/10/2013:

  • Item amount in the menu is now displayed correctly when desired display
  • If product categories were initially deactivated, the display was faulty
  • Minor bug fixes and code improvements
  • Term “charge” was added on the purchase button
  • Customers must now confirm the terms and conditions, revocation and Privacy Policy before they can order

Version 0.981 – 08/18/2013:

  • Articles can now be linked to each other
  • Fixed bug that had at some Web servers problems with executing the page
  • Cloned products were checked incorrectly, if the original article is in a disabled category strand
  • Sent newsletters were not displayed correctly at the customer
  • In the Installer package has been overlooked that the database is not completely converted to the character set UTF-8

Version 0.98 – 08/10/2013:

  • The editor for the item description was brought up to date
  • When clicking on categories or articles, the screen content is automatically set to the start of the Class or the article.

Version 0.97 – 07/03/2013:

  • A bug in the database prevented proper execution
  • Some bug fixes

Version 0.96 – 03/26/2013:

  • Some bug fixes
  • There is now a coupon management
  • item attributes enabled, such as Shoe size
  • Improved inventory management
  • in articles and pages can now photos, files and Article links are added

Version 0.95 – 12/16/2012:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Significant code improvements
  • Articles can now be displayed timed
  • It is possible to adjust a discount, also timed
  • The internal images administration was simplified

Version 0.90 – 08/14/2012:

  • First working version