Windows 7: Change sata mode, from IDE, RAID to AHCI

The computer must first be started with the Sata BIOS settings where Windows boot without bluescreen.

Open in Windows 7 the Registry Editor with administrator privileges: Click the Start button (bottom left) -> In the search box just above the Start button, type regedit and press Ctrl (Control) + Shift (Uppercase Key) + Enter (Return key) to start the program with admin rights. Confirm the extended rights with OK.

In Regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> services. Enter in the keyboard atapi (The selection jumps thereby the field). There on the right side quickly double-click on Start and in the box with Value: enter the number 0, if not like that. Then again left click on the folder and enter msahci. There also change by Start the value to 0 again.

Now restart your computer and thereby enter the BIOS and set the SATA mode to the desired value (Normally AHCI is the best mode, which is also necessary for SSD drives absolutely due to the important TRIM command).

After Windows reboots (maybe after Login) it will install the new driver. Later comes the message that the computer must be restarted

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