Wrong media type in windows. Change “hard disk drive” to “solid state drive” with one simple command

Note: These instructions are only valid for the C: drive

With Windows Server 2016 I had problems with the correct detection of the hard disk type. Windows keeps an SSD on the RAID controller for a normal hard drive and not for a solid state hard drive. The type of the hard disk is easy to see in the defragmention tool of Windows:

If a hard disk is not recognized as SSD, this has serious consequences. These hard drives are defragmented, reducing performance and lifetime. In addition, many optimized parameters for SSDs are not applied.

A simple “winsat diskformal” command in a command prompt with administrator rights is enough to re-discover the type of disk:

After the benchmark disk is identified:

This should work with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 R2

8 comments on “Wrong media type in windows. Change “hard disk drive” to “solid state drive” with one simple command

  1. tried everything. Didn’t work. Quite sure Windiows 10 never really cleanes itself out so now I have three installs kind of or half baked on top of eachother. Time to go to wokr unreachable invisible engineers. Your tools don’t work and your tips are useless. Pretty soon many SSD’s will be too. It’s kind of stupid to depend on a benchmark to make an OS recognize a disktype….cheap. Hope your costumers will claim there money back to buy a new one soon. (I bet you can see in how I write that I’ve been doing YOUR work (MS) again for a bloody expensive part of MY day!

  2. Hi,
    I tried winsat formal, winsat diskformal, winsat disk -drive E, but my second ssd is still showing as a HDD. Is there a way to force windows to handle it as a ssd ?

  3. This fixed for me the SSD on drive C: BUT on drive D: i have also SSD that didn’t fix it. Any solution ???

        1. Thanks for the help but didn’t help. Still says HDD. As for the first SSD before i come here i try other method that work, then i came here to find for the second SSD. The first time i tried and worked the: winsat formal

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