With Windows 10 in Witcher 3 no surround sound from TV Receiver

My configuration: An Nvidia graphics card connected via HDMI to my amplifier, which can surround. With this amplifier I go via HDMI to my TV.

At first: Don’t Install any files from the Internet! The problem is very easy to fix on standard Windows tools.

In the sound configuration of Windows the correct audio format must be selected and a Surround configuration must be run. I describe all here.

1. Go to the properties of the Windows sound:

In the lower right corner is the default sound icon.

Make a right click on it and click with the left mouse button on playback devices.

2. Adjust the format:

Select the sound output from (always the left mouse button), which goes to the amplifier. Click on Properties.
(Of course, the output should be defined as a standard, that goes with the button “Set as default”, to the left of Properties)

Click the Advanced tab, as shown in the image.

My receiver has only played Surround, as I have “16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)” selected. At lower or higher values he has played only stereo. Confirm with OK.

3. Configure the surround sound:

The audio output should be selected. Click on Configure.

Choose from the 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, depending on how many speakers you have. The value after the point you can ignore first, this is the subwoofer.

Unselect the subwoofer if you do not have one.

With full-range loudspeakers is meant if there are regular speakers and not any extra surround speakers. They have less bass usually.

Click Finish.

That’s it and without import of some dubious fixes from Internet forums! 🙂

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